Apply Natural Language Processing to empower Applications

NLP is experiencing a rapid surge in its popularity, all thanks to the theories and methods that are being deployed in numerous new language technologies that enable predictive text support, handwriting recognition, unlocking unstructured data, allowing machine translation, etc. Basically, NLP is a computerized approach to analyze, understand and discover meaning from human language and helps the developers in organizing and structuring their knowledge in performing various tasks like summarizing automatically, translating, recognizing entities, extracting relationships,

analyzing sentiments, recognizing speech, and segmenting the topics. NLP allows the machines to understand the ways in which humans speak not only in words but also the concepts and their links to create meaning. The NLP libraries are the algorithmic building blocks of NLP in developing real-world applications that we come across every day with the help of syntactic and semantic analysis techniques.

Fusion Informatics has expertise in building cutting-edge Natural language processing applications based on indepth data analysis and machine learning to automate customer conversations by analyzing, reporting, and communicating like humans. Our aim is to develop a result-oriented application combined with Natural Language development that will help in enhancing your business and allowing it to respond faster and efficiently with customers, unlike traditional methods.

System of Natural Language Processing Features

Features of Natural Language Processing

  • Structure Extraction
  • Language identification
  • Tokenization
  • Acronym normalization and tagging
  • Data security

Advantages of NLP Applications

The ease at which the relevant information can be extracted from the unstructured data makes NLP very exciting and adaptable. Everything we express carries information that can be channelized to produce extraordinary results.

  • It improves the efficiency and accuracy of the documentation process by assessing, analyzing, and communicating the data precisely.
  • Extracts the most pertinent information from larger datasets.
  • It allows routine analysis, which helps in improving business productivity and human creativity.
  • By analyzing the customer’s emotion behind their words, it enables the businesses to develop their products and services as per the customer’s expectations.

NLP Services

Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis

With the help of the opinion mining technique, we undertake a sentiment analysis that facilitates your business in designing marketing, strategies, meeting customer expectations, and exploring new market areas effortlessly.

Entity Extraction
Entity Extraction

The huge stacks of unstructured data generated by the business are difficult to manage. Automating the free-form text and extracting the relevant content from this huge chunk of data is possible with the help of entity extraction.

Text Categorization
Text Categorization

The text categorization services allow the businesses to structure their data, reduce errors, augments real-time insights, save substantial time, and extract valuable information.

Intent Classification
Intent Classification

The trained model analyzes the customer’s conversations in calculating the compute sentences and classifying text into different datasets that help in building competent chatbots, highly differential products, and interactive systems.

NLP has made serious inroads in accomplishing various business goals and is booming with the help of strong computational powers and easy data access. Join us to achieve your business goals, create value, and outsmart your competitors by replacing the manual and ardent processes with smarter automated systems.

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