Web Development Services with Customer-Centric Focus

The surging penetration of the internet has transformed the ways in which businesses are run and resulting in an increase in the adoption of web applications. The companies are gradually shifting from the traditional models to cloud-based models to streamline their business processes, enhance their reach, augment efficiency, and productivity.

These highly usable apps surpass the compatibility and platform issues to enable its users with a great experience. Moreover, they are released anytime & in any form which eliminates the need to update the application frequently. Custom web application development is highly influential in branding the business and sustaining it in the competitive business world.

Fusion Informatics has expertise in business-centric web application development services that are not just performance-driven, but also allow people to seamlessly connect with each other through their web browser. Our years of experience in building exclusive applications has helped us to develop web apps as per the niche requirements of clients, making them highly personalized.

An App Dashboard Showing Range of Features

Features of Web Applications

  • Application Runs within browser or device – No need for downloads
  • Interactive
  • Easy to maintain and doesn’t require updates
  • Low development cost
  • Mostly Cross-platform
  • Push notifications
  • Modular and loosely coupled
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Native Server or Cloud-hosted

Advantages of Web Applications

  • Web applications are low on maintenance and are highly compatible with different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • The necessity to get store approval is not required in web applications.
  • These applications are easily accessible 24*7 from multiple platforms.
  • Web applications are one of the most cost-effective options for businesses to bring efficiency and consistency into their business.
  • Ease of customization and maintenance.
  • Centralized data – Secure and easy to backup
  • Reach anyone anywhere in the world.
  • The applications can be cloud-hosted and its scalable, which eliminates the need for data and resource management.

Web Application Services

Web App Development
Web App Development

We build applications using a wide array of platforms, technology, and integrated abilities to match your business. A due diligence is also given to scalability and features that can be incorporated to ensure it helps clients in discovering new opportunities.

Web App Strategy
Web App Strategy/Consulting

We help our clients to craft and deploy successful web app development strategies through strategic analysis of business, industry, and target audience.

Web App UI/UX Designing
Web App UX/UI Designing

Our Experts, build Interactive UX/UI for your web applications that are promising and engaging which helps you to capture audience attention and deliver your key messaging.

Web App CMS
Web App CMS

We Develop applications that can ease the management of content on your website. Right from content to media, inventory of data to search capabilities, and host of other features to ensure your website stays up to date.

Web App Testing
Web App Testing

Our long-standing experience has taught us what could go wrong and how to fix it, so our developers ensure comprehensive app testing is done to deliver you high-performing applications.

Right from filing income taxes to staying in touch with people around the world, web applications are designed to perform specific functions. These functions bring multiple challenges depending on the business complexities, it is, therefore, essential to rely on a highly experienced web application development company like Fusion Informatics, to build an app that is in-line with the mission and vision of your business.

Explore how our web application empowered with blockchain technology assisted a leading client from energy industry to reduce their cost by 20% and gain 10% increase in p2p energy trading