Digital Chatbot and VAC Development for supporting Customers

The human-computer interaction is taking shape rapidly with the simulation of human-like dialogues by the chat robots who goes way beyond giving merely answers but also excel in automating actions. Much of its growing adoption can also be attributed to advancements in AI technology. A chatbot is a conversational agent that interacts with users in a specific domain with the help of natural language.

This cutting edge technology runs round the clock to enable excellent customer service, address customer issues, and drive business. Chatbots and virtual assistant chatbots are highly interactive and essential for providing an engaging experience that can be customized as per business needs. With this smart technology, one can drive the business even in odd hours.

We specialize in developing intelligent chatbots and VAC that aids business issues with their communication tasks and enable them to establish a personalized conversation with their clients. The businesses can obtain rich data to understand client behavior and provide uninterrupted services to their users.

A Robot Answering Customer Queries

Customer Support Chatbot

These chatbots leverage deep learning and NLP technology to perform multiple tasks that are aimed to save business resources and improve customer satisfaction. They are useful across almost all industries as they enable the user to walk through the business processes and answer a huge range of FAQs.

Skills Chatbot

Skills Chatbot possesses speech recognition capabilities powered by NLP to perform various actions and tasks. These chatbots have the ability to infuse new knowledge and convert them into the appropriate format to improvise themselves.

A Bot Thinking on Various Actions
A Customer Seeking help from Bot Using Voice Technology

Voice Assistant Chatbot

Assistant bots are very similar to support bots; however, they ensure high user engagement and assists with various business processes. These bots can be customized as per the regional audience and configured to understand the localized conversations.

Transactional Bots

Transactional bots act on behalf of humans in performing various transactions like placing orders, making reservations, etc. They can be customized to assist the user with high productivity by interacting with the external system effortlessly.

A Bot Holding Card to intiate Purchases
A Root Providing Useful Information to its Users

Informational Chatbots

Transactional bots help in collecting and distributing the information and are essential in education, corporate training, digital marketing, and research-based firms.

Your dream to attain a technological edge over competitors can come true with our seamless and smart innovations that facilitate opportunities for your brand to interact with the audience virtually and establish strong loyalty with them. Our team of experts integrates APIs of all the major cognitive services providers, including Microsoft and IBM, to provide brilliant solutions tailor-made for your requirements and can be used for your IVR, Customer Support, Lead Management, Customer Feedback services, etc., and provide real-time insights on the customer behavior.

Indulge with us to develop a highly intriguing Smart Digital Chatbot