Fleet Management - Case Study

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is a government-owned oil and gas company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is also engaged in managing fleet operations including freight exchanges vehicle maintenance, driver management, operations management, finance, and insurance management of various products and driver services management.
Website: www.bharatpetroleum.com


Brand: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited


Industry: Oil and Gas


Location: India

Core Platform: Web & Mobile | Android Tablet | Android | iPhone

Programming Language: Asp.Net, Android, Objective C, C#, REST

Framework: MVC 6.x,

Database: MYSQL

3rd Party API: Yesbank ekyc, razor pay, easy pay wallet, Trimble, Yesbank RKB, Match Move Digital Wallet

Target Audience
Target Audience

Demand customers, Shippers, Fleet owners, Drivers

Target Market
Target Market

Across India


Business Challenges
  • Disorganize logistic business.
  • Manual business functions.
  • Less visibility of fleets.
  • Providing instant cash and other support to truck drivers.
  • Easy operation between a fleet owner/shipper.
Technical Challenges
  • Integration of eKYC as it was a new and immature field.
  • Ensure the compliance of Digital Wallet with RBI guidelines.
  • RKB integration for integrated petrol pump for Cash Deposit/Cash withdrawals.
  • Managing the Driver's Digital wallet .
  • Cash/Bank Reconciliation on a daily basis.
  • Tracking data management as every vehicle daily gives 9 to 10,000 records under logs.

Strategic Approach

In an initial analysis, the client's requirements were feasible, but the challenge was to integrate significant numbers of 3rd party SDKs to compile the guidelines from the Reserve Bank of India & Government of India.

The financial transaction has significant RBI guidelines to meet up so we met the Yes Bank development team and get developed solutions that the business required.

Initially, KYC/Non-KYC wallet was complicated to manage, as drivers eKYC/KYC were not happening through trusted source whereas Fleet owners KYC were done through eKYC so their wallet was KYC wallet. And also the client wants to have top up more than the valid limit of the KYC wallet.

Tracking logs and its processing was another challenge, which we addressed with our custom service/listener and our MSMQ development approach.

Overall this application development was a kind of achievement in which almost 9 to 10 3rd party services were integrated to make the application a complete enterprise application with significant automation

Before the actual project started we collected the following documentation to ensure we are building the right application

  • RFP
  • SOW
  • Design documents
  • Sample Data/Physical Printed Forms of current manual process
  • Organization hierarchy and its possible accessibility
  • Streamlining the process of storing the Consignment documents.
  • Verifying load/unload goods and Fleet tracking.
  • Combating On-road emergency cash challenge.
  • Analyzing return load availability.
  • Reducing overhead by applying the system in place .
  • Providing optimized load management in from - to destination.
  • Providing cash assistance to the driver in case of emergency crips in.
  • Transparent payment and delay charge system.
  • Guiding the unorganized, normal/nontechnical users.

Project Development

client Logo

iPhone Developers

Android Developers

Android Tab Developer

Project Manager


Backoffice Developers

API Developer

Quality Analyst

Business Analyst

Scope :
    PhaseI :
  • Onboarding of Fleetowners, Shippers (Load providers), Brokers/agents, Salesman via mobile application.
  • Load creation.
  • Accept load, assign vehicle & driver.
  • Loading to unloading process through Sales Man Application (Tablet Application)
  • EKYC of Fleetowner through salesman application
  • Tracking , Return Load
  • Digital Wallet of respective actors
  • Payment process , MIS Report
    Phase II :
  • Onboarding of driver application.
  • Manage orders (loads),
  • Digital Wallet
  • RKB (cash assistance through integrated Petrol Pump)
  • Garage Service Provider (Android Application)
  • Estimation and payment through Fleet owner area
  • MIS reports
Timeline :

6 Months Each

client Logo
Project Highlights

Application Features

  • Optimized load /unload process.
  • Return load management.
  • On-road cash withdrawal support through petrol pumps.
  • Garage application to avoid discrepancies in maintenance and repairs.
  • Digital wallets in compliance with RBI policies.
  • EKYC through the tablet app.
Application Features
Application Features

Key Highlights

  • Manage return load to generate additional income.
  • Digital wallets are developed ensuring legal compliance.
  • Visibility in maintenance and repairs with Garage app.
  • Transparent processes .

Key Takeaways and Learnings

Target Audience

The creation of a digital wallet as per RBI guidelines was a complicated process.

Target Audience

Cash facility through digital wallet just like currently PayTM and Airtel provides that was developed 4 years back was a very nice experience.

Target Market

Managing incoming requests in Queue and processing in parallel to avoid timeout/traffic scenarios.

Target Audience

Automation and settlement for payment/digital wallets through the banking system.

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Saved their logistics cost

client Logo

Generated additional revenue

client Logo

Increase its core business.

Business Impact

  • Faster payment processing due to a unified platform that enables seamless payments for shipper, carrier, and driver.
  • Tracking the vehicle and driver behavior, which helps to optimize the routes to better performance.
  • Carrier can have better clarity of business insight, so the client was able to utilize the vehicle to get more business and revenue.
  • BPCL has witnessed an increase of over 10% in its core business.
  • The company generated additional revenue of 5% and saved 3% of their logistics cost by developing this eco-system.

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